What is Activiscope?

Are you bored with PowerPoint? Would you like to create flashy, engaging and competitive activities to support learning in your classes? Would you like to create Flash activities but have no time to learn how? Then Activiscope is just what you need!

Activiscope allows you to create an online bank of quiz and question lists, which you can use in a range of fun interactive activities. Activities are Flash-based, but you need no special technical training to create any of them. You can use the activities on a whiteboard, give your students access to them online to play at individual computers, or even use them to build your own interactive website. You can even export printable versions of your resources in PDF format - ideal for extension or cover work! And it also supports activities and games in Russian and Greek script, as well as the extended Roman character set.

"Create one, play many" is the Activiscope ethos, saving precious time by allowing you to make a whole set of activities from just a single set of questions or words.

Screenshots of Activihub activities

In your account you build up a personalised library of activities, which are sorted by topic areas that you specify.

Actvihub topic browser

There is a range of activity types to cover every need, from basic word matching, to longer multiple choice quizzes, phrase activities, prose / cloze activities and picture and sound activities. Upload your own images and recordings to use in interactive resources.

An Activihub topic area displaying several different activity types

All of the activities are perfect for playing on the whiteboard, at individual workstations, and they can be exported in a choice of formats.

The ethos is create once - play many. After entering your words, phrases or text just once, you have a whole set of activities you can play instantly.

An activity in Activihub, with activity options displayed

You can also make your lists public, and search the Activiscope banks for activities other teachers have created and published.

Searching public activities in Activihub

Not only can you use your activities online via the Activiscope.com website, but you can also export them as Flash files to use offline or in your own web projects such as the school Internet or Intranet site. Activiscope is also a powerful SCORM creation tool, allowing you to create SCORM 2004 resources to distribute through a compatible Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Exported SCORM resources include automatic marking which sends student performance data to your VLE.

Activity edit and export features

Additionally, your students can log on to the Activiscope student portal area, where they can work through the activities you have created. Your school has its own dedicated Student Portal area which only your students can access.

The Activihub Student Portal

The activities are all Flash-based and can be maximised to fill the whiteboard or computer screen. They include classics such as Hangman and Beat the Clock, and new and imaginative titles like Word Attack.

Word Attack